Puppy Leash Training Step By Step

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The key to successful the training of a new puppy to getting him to accept a collar and leash. This is referred to as puppy leash training and it’s something that you can start on as soon as he has settled into his new home.

When you train your pup to get used to his collar and leash, you are firmly establishing the idea that you are the one in control. This is a crucial point for your dog to get if his training is going to be at all successful.

As soon as you can get your puppy to stop fighting it and accept his collar and lead, you’ll be able to begin to focus in other areas. Here’s what to do to train him to accept collar and lead.

It’s most important that his collar fits properly. If it’s too loose he’ll be able to back his way out of it. If it’s too tight he won’t be comfortable. Try to adjust it so that you can slide two fingers easily between the collar and his neck.

When you first begin to use a collar with your puppy, it will feel strange to him. By giving him lots of attention and reassurance you’ll help take his mind off it. Be aware that he may not get used to the feel of the collar in a day or two, so give him lots of time. Once he does become used to having it on, you can start to move forward with real training for your puppy. Leash training will be easier if you’ve given your new pup plenty of time to just get used to having to wear a collar.

The next step would be to attach a short lightweight leash onto his collar. This leash shouldn’t be more than around three feet in length. Allow him to pull it around for very short periods of time, especially when you first start this. The idea is to get him used to how it feels to have something connected to his collar.

Keep a close eye on your pup when he is walking around with the lead connected. If he does get stuck when you’re not around, he might get agitated and frightened. You do want him to see what it feels like to be restricted for a short time, but you do not want him to get upset when it occurs. So quickly free the lead when it’s stuck.

It won’t take too long until he is used to the feel of the leash. But now, instead of letting him drag the leash freely, connect one end of his lead to you. Continue to let him explore and get himself stuck just like he did before. But instead, this time, don’t go to him to untangle the leash.

Instead crouch down and call him by name. Extend your hand and offer him a treat or toy to get him to come to you. Praise him excessively when he does come. Do this for a short time daily. You can detach the leash once he has successfully done what you requested a few times, but don’t take his collar off.

When he routinely comes to you when he is called, your puppy leash training will have been a success. You can then move onto the rest of the training program knowing that it will be a lot easier.

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