Labrador Retriever Training Advice When Teaching Down Command

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Effective labrador retriever training strategy is essential in teaching your pet basic commands such as sit, stay and down. These commands shouldn’t be disregarded for they are the very basis of other advance training, like guide dog training, therapy dog training or search and rescue training, you may want your furry friend to go through when the perfect time comes.

Like sit and stay, the down command is useful in lots of ways. Teaching your furry friend to lie down on command also means teaching him to respect you as the owner and leader of the pack. The same command can also help keep your dog safe and calm during meal time, when there are visitors coming and many other circumstances. Moreover, a labrador in down-stay position is less likely to run across the busy street nor pursue cars or children hence lessens the risk of getting injury and other issues.

To train your pet the down command, here is one labrador retriever training strategy you may want to take into consideration:

Call your dog to “come” to you and give the command “sit”. Once in sit position, hold the treat in front of his nose and gradually lower it between his front paws. Give the command “down” soon after the treat gets to the ground. Seeing the food bait, your pet will naturally follow but if that is not the case, move the treat further away until he is completely stretched to the ground in down position. Give him the treat and remember to praise and pet him.

Repeat the process over and over until he he has mastered the command without difficulty.

Additional tips: You may want to keep the treat inside your fist but be sure that your hand is near his nose so that he can get a whiff of the bait. This is to prevent your lab from becoming too dependent on treats.

Excessive treat isn’t always good for your pet’s health hence you may want to regulate treat rewards. As the training progresses, it is advisable to substitute the treat with praise and playtime in a gradual manner.

Use treats that are really enjoyable, instead of using his regular dog food. Homemade goodies and even tiny bits of human foods like cheese and hotdog can be used as food rewards.

Make your training fun and interesting and make sure to end on a positive note to get him associate the training with something pleasant.

There are so many labrador retriever training tips that can help you obtain your desired training goal – be it to perfect the basic obedience or more complicated tricks such as rollover and play-dead. All you need to do is to find those tips and follow them properly.

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