Golden Retriever Training Tips To End Stealing

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There are many bad behaviors appropriate golden retriever training can prevent. These behaviors include but not limited to barking, digging and jumping. But can training treat your dog’s stealing habit? Absolutely it can! As long as you fully understand the fundamental obedience commands and how to use them the right way, eliminating your dog’s undesirable habit is never unattainable.

To train your pet to get rid of this unpleasant habit, there are some significant points to remember. Here are a few:

Train him the basic obedience.

There are various basic obedience commands you can use to help reduce the problem. These commands can even prevent such problems from developing in the first place. Teaching commands like “leave it”, “no” and “drop it” provides you with better opportunity to control your dog in different circumstances. So if you catch your dog in the act of stealing your favorite running shoes, asking him to “leave it” or “drop it” will certainly make him leave or drop the item without the need to run after him around the house and play-tug-of-war in order to get what he stole.

Supervise your pet constantly.

For you to catch your canine friend in the act of stealing and correct him using the above-mentioned commands, you naturally ought to supervise him constantly. Like for example if you caught him in the act of stealing a few pieces of grapes your kid forgot in the family room table, immediately use the commands mentioned above. With constant supervision in addition to determination, it’ll only take a few days for him to determine that stealing isn’t a desirable habit.

Provide enough exercise and enjoyable training sessions.

A bored pet is more likely to steal stuff, valuable or not, to nibble or play with them. However, if adequate exercise and enjoyable golden retriever training activities are provided, your dog will never get bored hence won’t need to hunt for something to keep him interested. Providing interactive dog toys is also approved.

Give rewards.

Acknowledge good behavior by giving him rewards. This in turn will motivate your pet to display that same behavior he is being rewarded for. Reward your golden retriever training for remaining calm even though there is food around or for not stealing your shoes or socks when you leave them behind so that he will soon learn that doing those things can make him gain rewards, be it food treats or your attention.

Dogs are easily attracted to things that has connected with their people. A dog can determine whether or not that certain item belongs to whom through scenting. Hence if your four-legged friend starts to steal, be it food or personal belongings, it is crucial to treat the problem early on before it gets worse.

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