The Importance Of Giving A Dog Exercise And Grooming

February 24, 2012 by  
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We all know that dogs have bodies that are built for immense physical activities. If we humans need to exercise, they need it more than us because of how they were naturally designed. If you have a dog that isn’t meant to be a working or sporting dog, then your dog might not be getting enough exercise if you just run with him twice a week. it is good if you have two or three dogs, but if you have a lone puppy or dog; expect them to just walk occasionally in the house while everybody in the house is away. Now wonder why they are so happy when you guys arrive.

You might want to give your dog, and yourself too a daily exercise routine. This is very easy to do. You and your dog can both have good muscular development and you can also socialize if you will be running in the neighborhood. A dog who is physically fit is not only healthier, but happier too!

There are many ways to exercise your dog. Look at this in a positive way. You have an exercise buddy! You don’t need to go to the gym anymore, that means saving money. You can run in the neighborhood, or simply have brisk walking. If you like you can play Frisbee in the park or play some ball games. If you are a person who really likes sports a lot, you might want to have a dog who can catch up with your lifestyle. Getting a dog that is of the working breed is best.

Dog’s grooming

Dog’s coat thickness and length all vary. Some are very hairy, some are nearly hairless, and others fall somewhere in between. Dogs’ coat also comes in various textures, from soft to very coarse and even extremely curly. Most dogs shed all year long in small amounts while some experiences a period of heavy shedding twice a year.

Remember that when you find out that you really don’t enjoy brushing the dog’s hair that much, you can always have the option of getting a dog who is almost hairless, that way, you won’t have to brush their hair that often. If you adore designing a dog’s lengthy hair, then get a double coated breed and enjoy your pooch!

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