Is Vemma’s Mangosteen Blend a Real Home Business Opportunity?

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The Vemma business opportunity continues to be established for some time right now, yet you may be looking at it for the first time and trying to figure out whether this is real or a yet another scam.

Allow me to existing you a quick Vemma evaluation where I’ll expose you to the company, their chance and the revealing truth behind why some people call it a scam.

The product is a nutritional supplement that employs the Mangosteen, which has been called the Queen of All Fresh fruits, as well as a SuperFruit. It’s a effective antioxidant, rich in nutrients called xanthones, and helps build the immune system to help fight against disease.

Generally, antioxidants are great for battling the free radicals in your body that damage wholesome bone, skin, as well as blood cells and speed up the aging process. Otherwise combatted, free radicals can damage the Genetic make-up within your cell walls. So, the products, which also now includes their own Verve and Thirst lines, are great for your health.

One thing I must point out, though. There are a TON of “health” MLM’s out there. The network marketing industry is just full of these kinds of products and you really need to take this into account when considering the actual Vemma business opportunity.

Are you passionate about health and the product collection? If so, and you really want to embark on your multilevel marketing journey with this multi-level marketing company, let’s get in to the revealing truth I mentioned I’d give you in my Vemma review.

The real truth behind network marketing achievement is that no one ties a particular company a lot as they join people they believe they can trust.

Therefore, if you wish success with the Vemma home-based business opportunity, then you need to take the time for you to brand yourself properly. In today’s MLM globe, I’m talking especially about branding your self on the Internet. Online marketing is essential in the 21st Century.

It’s not sufficient, though, to just become familiar with a thing or 2 about writing a few articles, putting a few videos on YouTube, or posting your biz through your Facebook account.

Nope, you’ve got to discover exactly how to brand yourself as an educator, friend, and expert in the network marketing industry. You’ve got to show people who you care, you allow away a ton of free content and advice, that you’re having success and that you seriously wish to help them succeed in their own MLM pursuits.

When they feel in any way that you’re looking to just “sign Them up” and then never know what you think again, you’re currently dead in the water.

Should you really want to avoid any kind of talk of a vemma reviews scam when it comes to your business opportunity, you need to become a true leader. A real leader truly wants to see other people succeed and feels joy when they see someone they’ve provided their training as well as advice to start to earn money.

All of this will never occur until you put together a highly effective online marketing strategy that starts to attract dozens of prospects into your sales funnel process each and every day each week. As people see you as their possible leader and dozens of individuals begin actually ASKING you to contact them so they can join your Vemma business opportunity, then and only then will you begin to achieve all that you desire in network marketing.

Because you tend to be reading this Vemma review, I presume you are a person who has either newly been pitched using the Vemma business opportunity and are performing research to find out if it is a viable automobile for producing long term wealth – or, you have already signed up and are searching for a number of good tips to help grow your business..

If you’re presently involved with Vemma, just do it– scroll down to the end of this review for many exclusive Vemma training which will significantly help you to increase your business…

Why A Vemma Review?

When evaluating an internet business, it’s not only crucial to consider the compensation plan and how you’ll earn income, but to perceive if it is a product that you can actually have faith in and grow to be passionate about. It will be very tough to make anything in a company whose products or services you don’t have belief in.

If you have however to try any of the items Vemma offers, you may want to purchase a month’s worth of products to try. There’s really nothing to lose because Vemma offers a thirty day money back guarantee. Even though you use the whole item up, you can submit the empty container for a refund if you don’t like it.

I am not the Vemma distributor, though, I must say that their empty bottle return plan speaks volumes of the company’s vision, and also the products they offer. If Vemma wasn’t making money, they could not keep on doing that, and consequently, without even tasting the fruit juices they are selling, I suppose they’ve got a good line.

What is Vemma?

The word Vemma was created as an acronym for that words: Vitamins, important, minerals, mangosteen, and aloe. Their product line is focused on juices including the Mangosteen fresh fruit, which is native to far eastern Asia. The Mangosteen has been said to intensify energy along with plenty of anti-oxidants in it. It’s also a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Vemma is now well-liked in 50+ countries. ‘Miss Fitness Magazine’ quoted Vemma as the best health product of the season in 2009.

How do Vemma begin?

Vemma was began by BK Boreyko, who was also the creator of a greatly successful Multi-Level Advertising company called New Vision. New Vision was exceptionally thriving & grew quickly and created $1,000,000,000 in income in just a few years.

Because he achieved that level of success within New Vision, he or she saw a great chance in the health and wellness area and created Vemma within 2004.

How Does Vemma Pay Their Members?

Vemma uses a binary compensation plan. Binary compensation models are increasing in popularity, but can seem confusing in the beginning to an industry new comer. Essentially, you have two ‘legs’ inside a binary model, a remaining and a right, and each distributor you sponsor will go underneath the first couple of that you sponsored on your left and right. So consequently, you’ll only actually have two individually sponsored distributors, which allows you a great opportunity to help your group build at a faster rate.

Vemma instruction

Quite frankly, Vemma training is non-existent; at least, the kind of instruction that works to develop long-term wealth and financial freedom. Vemma distributors tend to be taught to make a listing of friends and family and marketplace the business to them by sampling out products and literally dragging them to local resort meetings.

The glitch by means of the ‘warm list’ technique is that a VERY low amount of people are successful by means of it and the industry statistic that works using this method alone is far less than 1%.

See, individuals that have risen up 3% in Vemma and make a solid, residual 6 figure or 7 figure income are advertising the business outside their own sphere of impact and have an unlimited supply of INTERESTED prospects to talk to about their chance. If you want to earn that kind of money, an actual Program that you and your recruits and literally plug into to create a limitless amount of people to talk to about the business is Essential. You will also need to have a way of paying for the advertising, & the most effective way to do that is as simple as means of affiliate profits from folks that do not sign up with your company.

With all the harmful elements in the current age, all of us as humans have to take care of ourselves as part of your. Eating the right foods and exercising regularly are the best ways to maintain our bodies healthy. Furthermore, people can also take in supplements that will aid not only in strengthening the body, but also in improving the look of the body. Thank goodness for the emergence of the beverage called the Vemma mangosteen fruit juice.

It is made from the natural mangosteen fruit that contains pericarp draw out, which is the main component in keeping a healthy body and mind. It has been around in certain cultures for almost 4 (4) centuries right now, and is now garnering immense popularity.

The actual TUFTS University made a study about anti-aging and the foods that maintain youthful vigor of the skin. In their study, it was found out the right amount of anti-oxidants will help in making the skin smoother and more proper as the dead skin cells tend to be replaced.

The mangosteen comes complete with antioxidants that are a lot more effective in carrying this out job than other foods that also contain antioxidants.

Together with the mangosteen antioxidants, plus the vitamins and minerals that’s infused to make this particular beverage, then Vemma ratings a great product that caters in giving a general health improvement package.

This mangosteen juice is proven to contain the most amount of antioxidants and Xanthones compared to other items out there in the market that also has the same crucial ingredients. To give readers information about Xanthones, these ingredients are very good anti-inflammatory and detoxifying agents. This fact has been proven by over 14,000 researches across the globe.

Also, the product contains the all-pervasive but undeniably healthy Aloe Vera, which helps with the maintenance of clear, smooth skin. Additionally, it detoxifies the body’s system from harmful chemicals while aiding in the proper digestion as well as utilization of foods.

The actual Vemma mangosteen juice also contains mineral deposits from plants and herbs which were extensively extracted to enable this enzymatic system to utilize the harmful chemicals properly. The human body requirements an adequate amount of these mineral deposits the processing of certain foods, thus the key reason why such plants and herbs are cultivated.

Moreover, the product also contains the healthy green tea which aids in the digestion of meals, improving thinking functions and keeping the immune system strong.

The Vemma mangosteen juice is made with the most careful procedures as well as food processes to ensure the safety of the drinkers. With this, the consumers will get so many advantages by just drinking just one serving alone, but it’s advised that the drink should be taken on regularly in order for the body to get the nutrients it needs to help the drinker in his/her daily activities. However, the person who drinks this drink should not solely rely on it for his/her every day nutritional needs. The individual should still eat the right diet and make sure that he/she is not doing anything to contradict his/her health goals, like cigarettes and alcohol.

Vemma is a relatively new division of New Vision, a business with its corporate head office located in Scottsdale, Az. Vemma offers a home business opportunity by selling or advertising their nutritional products through MLM or multilevel-marketing.

The Vemma nutrition product is made primarily through mangosteen, vitamins, minerals, aloe vera, and green tea. There are several testimonials from people that have consumed the Vemma product line. Some examples given by individuals include statements associated with relief from headaches, arthritis, and other inflammation dependent symptoms.

The Vemma business opportunity contains a binary compensation plan. The problem with the comp plan is the requirement of balancing two legs in order to generate commissions. For example, if your distributor has one leg that has Twenty,000 in weekly volume, but the additional leg has just Three hundred in weekly volume, they would only receive a small commission based on the volume in the calf. That’s with over Twenty,000 of weekly volume in your business. A binary can cause a lot “breakage” in the compensation plan, which in turn causes the unpaid quantity to stay with the organization so they don’t have to pay commission on it. Some people do well with binaries, but many struggle.

In conclusion, Veema seems to have a decent nutritional product but in my opinion, the comp plan leaves more to be desired. If you don’t mind having to get 100-200 people on your team just to make a $1000 residual check each month (that is pretty true along with any MLM opportunity), then the Veema business may be the right fit for you.

Vemma is one of the home based business sector’s fastest growing however already well-established companies. It is products are widely recognized by it’s consumers, and it’s business model is lauded by skillfully developed for it’s simpleness and ease with which newcomers to the business can successfully develop their own home based businesses. Vemma constitutes a line of nutritional wellness products containing mangosteen (generally misspelled as mangostene or mangostein), an extremely antioxidant-rich fruit from south-east Asia that is rapidly changing acai as the number 1 source of anti-oxidants.

Vemma has conducted two double-blind clinical studies: 1 tests the bioavailability and antioxidant effects of xanthone-rich mangosteen in humans, while the other tests for the results of mangosteen on human defense mechanisms function. Both studies reveal very good results, making it clear which Vemma has a winning formula for its nutritional supplements.

As well as the high levels of anti-oxidants, Vemma’s liquid formula contains a full-spectrum of vitamins and minerals which are plant-sourced, making them bioavailable, or more readily capable of being absorbed into the bloodstream and human body as compared with traditional pill type vitamins you typically find at your local market.

Consumers of the product who use it consistently often report a wide variety of positive effects in their own individual personal health. This seems to make sense, because putting the proper nutrition in your body allows your body to do what it was designed to do: heal by itself. Ask around and you will most likely find good reports from those who have utilized Vemma’s products.

As a home-based MLM business, Vemma provides a number of excellent resources to its Brand Partners, including a personal web-page and back office loaded with academic materials and classes. Vemma’s binary MLM structure makes it simple for Brand Partners to grow their company organically – a task made especially simple by a winning item formula that virtually sells itself.

The MLM industry, however, has come along way since the 1940s when it was first established, and even since the 1980s when it really began to acquire mainstream appeal. The main difference now is due largely to the power of the internet and social networking. The most successful individuals in the MLM business today are the ones who have discovered the secrets to tapping into the power of the web.

While Vemma clearly has a winning formula and is a solid company to utilize, to make the most associated with Vemma as a home business, you will want to harness the power of the internet and social networking to grow your business. There are many great resources out there that can teach both beginners and veterans in the home based business MLM industry how to do just that and I highly encourage you to seek them out if you want to reach your maximum potential.

re you a Vemma distributor or thinking about becoming 1? If you answered “Yes”, then this article is definitely going to do “OODLES” for your business. Of course when I say “OODLES”, I actually mean, “FREE Vemma Leads The whole day.” In this article, I will expose some fantastic marketing secrets to assist you to LIGHT UP your Vemma advertising and lead generation efforts. Ready to take your company to the next level? Then read on…

Using the internet to market with regard to my MLM business is the love of my life. Except for my girlfriend of course (She’s standing over my shoulder and so i have to say that — hehe). Anyhow, I am dead set on a mission to help you conquer the web and inflate your Vemma downline like an atom bomb mushroom cloud. But keep in mind, marketing could be extrememly tricky and time consuming if you don’t know what you are tinkering with. Before we jump in, let’s first take a look at Vemma’s marketing agenda.

When you first click on Vemma’s corporate site, you can quickly reach videos of BK Boreyko, the actual founder and President of Vemma. BK Boreyko simply states, “All you have to do is get ‘unshy’ and go out there and talk to people! That’s all we want you to do!Inch. Basically, the CEO of Vemma is telling you to resort to old school marketing methods (no offense). Wouldn’t it be nice if we might just call Two of our friends who called 2 of the friends and so on, and so on, and so on… Unfortunately, the modern network marketing landscape is evolving at a rapid rate.

Now I’m not getting damaging on Vemma’s primary advertising model. It’s just that Vemma marketing can use a powerful dose of modern day internet love. You heard right. I said “Internet Love”. I am talking about do you really want to run after after friends and family members? Cause think about it; who do these people blame when they Do not make any money? Err… (Hint: Look in the mirror)

The point is this: USE THE INTERNET. OVER 200,000 PEOPLE Every week are scrambling to the web to find a lucrative opportunity and the ability to work from home (and the numbers still skyrocket like crazy). Are you able to imagine what would happen if you could position your Vemma business before this MASSIVE Influx OF EYEBALLS? Let’s say you suddenly found yourself signing up Two to three new distributors every single week? That’s Eight to twelve new distributors each and every month which is definitely well above the business average. To truly benefit from all that network marketing provides in this age of the web, you will need to learn how to attract leads and potential customers to you like bees to honey. Doesn’t that sound better than annoying the people you know? And you can do this by applying the principles of “Attraction Advertising.” Can you picture new people reaching out to you by phone and email, inquiring about your Vemma business every day? It’s absolutely liberating. You have no idea until you experience it for yourself. I’ve got a HUGE GRIN simply thinking about it.

“Attraction Marketing” will make YOU STAND OUT. It will not have you cloned like all other replicated Vemma web site out there. And I think it’s foolish to ask but you DO WANT TO stay ahead of the crowd right?Bringing in people to your business starts with one simple concept which concept is to merely BRAND YOURSELF ONLINE. You need to learn how to create a strong presence on the internet and PROMOTE YOU having a FRENZY on a DAILY BASIS.

Some People might wonder what’s Monavie? Monavie is a network marketing program very similar to Vemma with a comp plan very close to Vemma’s. The way you make money in Monavie is the same as within Vemma, by signing up repetitions that buy item.

Monavie has a berry called acai that makes their product unique just like Vemma has the Mangosteen. Both items were launched not far from the same time within a month or two from each other. Most of us Vemma reps have a lot of competition, but it appears Monavie is the one of the greatest. We Vemma Reps know that the product is a far superior one because you get all the every day vitamins besides all of the antioxidants.

So as a Vemma Rep I put a goal to put more reps in my Vemma company than any one Monavie supplier can do in one 12 months. I feel like all people Vemma Reps should be determined to do the same. Something I found out is that it is less difficult to put a Vemma repetition in before they get introduced to Monavie. The Monavie business has already established greater sales than Vemma for the past two years, putting more pressure upon all of us Vemma Reps to complete our job. We really do have a better product along with better selling points (Like Verve and the 2 oz. sample containers that Monavie does not have).

I know by me putting more Vemma Reps in my business is only likely to pay off in the end and can all be worth while. Now most of you will be having a laugh saying “To put that lots of Vemma Reps in my business is my goal also,Inch so, what am I doing that you’re not that makes me therefore 100% sure that I can place so many Vemma Reps in my Vemma business in one 12 months?

I am nobody special but I do know a few tricks of the trade that I show all my down line which i know without a doubt work with anyone who is willing to work extra hard for one year at placing Vemma reps in their company. I want more Vemma Reps in Vemma than any network marketing program out there so starting right now 7-20-2008 I am willing to work with all Vemma Reps if they are in my down line or otherwise, but I must have a your commitment that you will put at least ten hours a week using my program (Which i along with thousands of others know will work, if you will use it.) I not really talking about maybe in one year you’ll have hundreds of Vemma Reps but I telling you that if you are determined to have more Vemma Reps compared to any Monavie distributor it can be done.

Vemma is one of the very few companies who has reached one billion in sales through the power of leveraged distribution. There are many companies like advocare scam who have also prevailed in the industry of direct sales.