Trivita MLM Evaluation – Is It Legit?

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I’m really going to take a look at three central factors in this Trivita review to be able to answer the query – is Trivita a gimmick? First, we’ll look at how long has been in business. Second, we’ll look at the quality as well as value of the Trivita products. And third, we’ll discuss how the success rate, or even more accurately the failing rate, in the multilevel marketing industry effects individuals perception of the merit of an mlm company.

So let’s look at #1 – how long has Trivita existed in the health and wellness industry? While you may have only heard about since the launch of its’ brand new star product Nopalea, it’s actually been in business because 1999. If Trivita would be a scam, they would have previously closed their doors and gone the clear way of so many other here-today-gone-tomorrow firms that have popped up within the health and wellness industry over the past couple of years, instead of being a stable and powerful company after Ten years in the industry.

#2 – does Trivita have good quality products, or are they the same as you’d find in Your local supermarket or Costco except they come with a bigger price tag? As for Nopalea, there is enough scientific research to back up the value of that item and there is virtually no competition for a product created using those ingredients…however.

As for the quality as well as value of all their products in general, if they did not make good on the promises to produce leading edge quality products, and adhere to their claims to “rigorously follow, a strict adherence to a code of quality, integrity and innovation” called the 10 Foundational Values, they wouldn’t still be here after 10 years. Plus they offer a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee to back up their promises.

All things considered, I don’t observe how you could possibly call Trivita a gimmick in regards to their products.

#3 — how the fact that 97% of network marketers fail, the average rep only sponsors 2.2 reps in their entire network marketing career, and 90% of network marketers make under $10 per week effects network marketers perceptions of a organization. Let’s face it, with such a little number or distributors succeeding with their Trivita business – about 3%, just like in the mlm business overall, there are certain to become those people who fault the company for their failing, and call a scam or a fraud.

But in reality, the truth in the majority of cases is this…even if you have a terrific company with terrific products, and you do everything your instructed to do by your upline, the chances are GREAT that you’ll be part of the 97% which fail in the mlm industry. Why? Because regardless of how hard you’re employed or how fantastic your company is, if you don’t understand today’s marketing, if you do not know how to effectively influence the internet to build your company, you’ll just still spin your wheels and go nowhere fast!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Do your research and find the right mentors and also the right leaders…the top industry earners…who are willing to take you by the hand as well as show you exactly how they are crushing it in this industry, and learn to start earning an incredible mlm income together with your Trivita business right now.

Nopalea through trivita products …precisely what is it? And what can I expect it to do for me? These are terrific questions for a Nopalea review which deserve terrific solutions, so here they are. With the primary ingredient from the Nopal cactus, Sonoran Bloom Nopalea is a juice supplement rich in anti-oxidants that is made by TriVita, Inc.

Nopalea was actually introduced to the marketplace by Trivita in March of 2009, but did not get started with its’ tv promotion of the product until January associated with 2010.

Now that we’re all on the same page regarding when and where this wholesome juice comes from, let’s take a look at exactly “what” Nopalea through Trivita is. First let’s consider what the primary ingredient in Nopalea is:

The primary ingredient which gives Nopalea its’ anti-inflammatory properties is Nopal Cactus Concentrate. Squeezed in the pulp of the Nopal Cactus fresh fruit (Opuntia ficus) this concentrate contains Betalains, which are a class of red and yellow indole-derived pigments found in vegetation of the Caryophyllales, which includes the actual Nopal cactus. Betalains also contain powerful antioxidant colors. One amazing factor about the Nopal cactus is the fact that there are a total of 24 Betalains in nature, and the Nopal cactus fruit from the Sonoran Desert is the just fruit to contain all 24 of these. The Nopal fruit also contains 18 amino acids, all of the B vitamins as well as minerals and bioactive nutrients.

Agave Nectar is the natural sweetener used in Nopalea juice.

In addition to the main ingredient and the natural sweetener, there are also supplemental ingredients that compliment the anti-oxidant power of the nopal prickly pear concentrate, with research detailing the particular properties of each one of these ingredients that have the capability associated with promoting overall health at the cellular level. Here is the rather impressive list:

Acerola cherry extract, Apple draw out, Apricot extract, Beet juice, Bilberry concentrate, Cranberry extract, Grape Seed extract, Green Papaya concentrate (Carica papaya fruit with papain), Guava natural powder, Kiwi concentrate, Lemon concentrate, Mango extract, Opuntia focus powder, Orange juice concentrate, Peach juice concentrate, Pomegranate extract (Punica granatum along with ellagic acid and punocaligans), Strawberry extract, Strawberry extract, Tea extract, and Tomato concentrate.

There are also enzymatic dietary supplements that act as catalysts for the absorption as well as digestion of the Nopalea item and these ingredients complete the list. This checklist includes: Amylase, Cellulase, Hemicellulase, and Proteases [bromelain through pineapple and papain through papaya, lipase, phytase] as well as “filler compounds” used to give Nopalea its regularity and include: Guar gum, Maltodextrin, Natural flavor, Cherry powder, and Xanthum gum. And finally, they will use filtered water.

Okay, so now that we know exactly what’s IN Nopalea juice, let’s take a look at exactly what this nopal cactus fruit juice rich in Betalains is supposed to do for you. These are some of the health issues that Nopalea from Trivita are reported to address: inflammation, pain relief, being an aid in breathing freely for those that suffer from breathing difficulties, detoxifies the body as well as increases energy levels, as well as protects against early aging. As if that’s not enough, these are some of the additional benefits that the Nopal cactus provides when it comes to your health:

. Lower blood pressure level

. Lower cholesterol levels by improving the HDL / LDL ratio

. Lower blood sugar levels

. Aid the weight reduction process by curbing the appetite as well as blocking the absorption of fat

. Relieve the symptoms of a hangover

. Relieve the pain of kidney stones.

. Help to cleanse the body of toxic compounds

. Builds a healthy cellular foundation

There is scientific research that suggests that the fruit from the Nopal cactus, Opuntia ficus-indica, does have the symptoms of anti-inflammatory, anti-toxin and immune improving capabilities. In total, you will find over 200 research articles published supporting this claim, so if you do a little digging on the web, I’m sure you can find some of these articles and confirm this information for yourself.

I’ve read quite a few testimonials about the outstanding health benefits of Nopalea from Trivita, however i cannot personally vouch for it as I have never used it. But as it happens I’m able to share this individual insight on the health advantages of super fruits generally due to the amazing results both Clint and I familiar with a very popular acai berry fruit juice. So I do indeed firmly believe God made some fresh fruits, berries and veggies with incredible health advantages. You just need to sort the quality supplements from the garbage, and it genuinely appears that Nopalea falls into the high quality category. You will have to try it for yourself and be your own testimony.

Now if you’re just looking over this Nopalea review in order to see if Trivita’s flagship product is something that can improve your current state of health, than I believe I’ve given you everything you need to know other than what you would learn from giving it a go yourself. But if you’re researching this prickly pear juice because you possibly currently have a Trivita business or you’re considering starting one, then I need to make sure you understand this particular important truth prior to going.

No matter how great your products is, no matter how excellent your MLM company is, no matter if you’re getting in on a “ground floor” chance or the launch of a brand new super star item like Trivita’s Nopalea, none of those things guarantee you success in creating your business. Although having a great organization and product or service are essential, you still have to understand advertising to build your home based business successfully, and that’s a fact.

This particular Trivita review is presenting the main facts about the company, its products, distributor compensation plan and instruction. This will enable you to determine whether this opportunity is a good fit for your plans to develop a home based business.

Trivita Company and Products

Trivita Inc. is a privately owned company that was founded in 1999 by Michael R. Ellison, it’s current CEO. The company is marketing a line of nutritional supplements as well as weight loss products, each directly (mainly TV infomercials) and through a network of impartial business affiliates. Product sales in 2008 are reported to exceed $100 million. Trivita is advertising several nutraceutical products. Primary products are Sublingual B12, the Optimaflex joint and muscle assistance, the Leanology line of weight loss products, and the Sonoran Bloom Nopalea anti-inflammatory juice drink.

Trivita is marketing it’s products through its own website, TV infomercials and a network associated with independent affiliates. Like a unique aspect of its marketing plan, the company is selling client leads to its affiliates through the Media Purchase Program (MAP). These leads are very first time TV customers that are sold as prospects for $50 each, a strategy that the company calls Cooperative Marketing.

Trivita upline leaders are reporting that from 20% to 30% of customers are reordering on a monthly basis. Affiliate retention has been said to be high along with less than 10% dropout per year.

Trivita Compensation Plan

As of October 2009, you are able to join as an affiliate member and generate commission without any register fee, just by signing up for a $40 auto ship order.

As an affiliate member, you are generating retail commissions of 21% on your own sales in order to regular members (who don’t receive commissions), in addition 4% on sales by affiliates in your group. When you are sponsoring affiliate members into your group, you are earning 3% fee in your first tier of directly sponsored affiliates, and 7% in the higher tiers of affiliates sponsored by others in your group.

At the second collection, one is earning only 4% from regular fellow member sales, but 7% from affiliate member sales. This is a strong incentive to train personal affiliate marketers in recruiting additional affiliates, rather than members, especially in view of the $40 to $100 monthly car ship requirements.

The actual depth of sections to which you earn raises with your rank. You’re advancing to higher rates with increasing quantity in your group. Your personal qualification is a personal auto ship purchase of 40 factors to 100 factors (1 point equates to about $1 sale cost)

During your first 90 days, the company pays an Income Accelerator Weekly Bonus of 30% by yourself sales, plus 15% and 10% on sales produced in your first and second collection.

Once you have sponsored three affiliates and your team volume is at lest $25,000, you are advancing to Director rank, and are earning commissions associated with 4% to 10% on just about all purchases in your group, and 10% on affiliate marketer signup packages, down to the next director.

Trivita Press Acquisition Program

It appears to be challenging to make a profit through selling retail items to MAP customer leads. Let’s illustrate this with a theoretical example, assuming that as many as 10% of all leads have become repeat customers.

You are buying 100 customer leads for a total of $5000. An order of $50 creates 21% = $10.50 in commission. 10% of your One hundred leads egual to Ten customers are generating 10*$10.Fifty = $105 in commission for each repeat sale. To cover the balance of $5,000, you need Forty eight repeat sales for each customer

Trivita Training

Trivita instruction is available through training materials in the affiliate back office, training events and through Trivita business leaders. In addition to the Media Acquisition Program, training covers comfortable market contacts and lead generation for clients and affiliates through various channels, including the internet. Trivita also provides a Master Conversion System that helps you to follow up with your prospects via printed materials, DVDs as well as email. The company is recommending a 3X25 business model of aiming to obtain 25 customers and three new affiliates.

Trivita Review Summary

Trivita is a more compact but apparently stable player in the overall health market. There are a number of positive factors for the Trivita opportunity:

The company promotes you to acquire product customers and pays 21% commissions. You are urged and allowed to use a variety of advertising stations beyond your warm market, including the internet and also the phone. For group profits, your rate is steady at 4% for member sales, and at 7% with regard to level 2 and above, for affiliate marketer sales. There is a greater Accelerator Bonus in the first 90 days.

As with most MLM business opportunities, the key to your success is within securing a large number of customer leads and transforming them to repeat clients effectively. The most profitable approach is to obtain and generate your own personal leads, via telephone or internet.

Each day there are thousands of individuals that are looking to start a home-based business. A few are looking for a little extra spending cash while others would like to achieve success enough to get out of the actual rat race.

My first journey into the self-employed industry began twelve years back when I bought right into a franchise. This endeavor lasted 10 years and I made good money but I exchanged alot of my time in order to be successful. We sold the business in 2004.

Last drop, my wife and I took our daughter, in eighth grade at the time, to some high school open house. My daughter absolutely fell in love with the college. It has less than 500 students and she experienced she could get the private attention that the bigger high schools locally could not provide. My wife, daughter and I all felt that my personal daughter could flourish in this small college environment. We chose to apply and my daughter was one of 130 to be recognized into the freshman class. Now I had to find a way to pay the tuition. You see, this type of education was going to cost me more than $12,000 per year.

This decision led me to finding a way to supplement my income. About five months back I was searching for a multilevel marketing opportunity. I was in the magazine section of the Borders’ book store after i came across a business chance magazine featuring the company TriVita. I flipped through the pages of the journal and found an article detailing the TriVita business model. I had been immediately intrigued as well as decided to do some research when I got home. By doing my research I found the perfect business opportunity for me. I am right now on a path that will lead me to financial freedom within five years. I am becoming mentored by one of just two individuals who reach the highest level within the company. He has developed a plan for me that will permit me to pay for my personal children’s education and so much more!

In the following paragraphs I will describe 3 unique facets of the TriVita business opportunity. These functions differentiate TriVita from the thousands of other opportunities accessible.

Understanding the TriVita Business Opportunity:

TriVita offers one of the most unique, lucrative and long term steady residual income businesses within North America. There are three things found in the business model that NO OTHER COMPANY has — do you know how effective that is? No one can touch them. If you are looking at starting a home-based company in North America there are 3 things that make TRIVITA unique – standing above the 1000+ other options available:

1. Press Acquisition Program- TriVita gets the customers for you thru their infomercials – no one else is doing that. Real customers that purchase product. Our team has personally watched the organization bring in 500 clients a day for 5 years – that’s EVERY DAY! It allows you to develop faster and with much more consistency – Would you how long it would take the average person to get Twenty five customers? With TriVita’s Total Pack you get Twenty five customers right from the start. Most home-based businesses are not successful simply because they cannot generate any kind of customers.

2. Immediate Mail -TriVita direct e-mails the customers 2x per month with a 40 page color catalog along with a healthy living tabloid called VitaJournal. Nobody does this. It’s the key to retention and re-orders. Most home-based businesses grow quickly on hype of recent people. Without the reorders the firms fade quickly. Nobody educates and ‘talks’ to the customer better than TriVita. Nobody.

3. TriVita products are not really for Resale – You are never asked to order large amounts of products to fill allocations. You’re never requested to take someone’s credit card and you never have to process or ship a person’s order. All the daily operations are handled by TriVita. There aren’t any distributors and since the goods are not for resell the product pricing as well as value are stable. Many companies with distributors have product prices heavily discounted when they’re forced to buy products they are able to not resell. With all orders undergo TriVita, the company is able to deliver the direct mail to the customer each and every month.

TriVita is an 11 year old debt free organization based in Scottsdale, Az.

They are a Health as well as Wellness business that offers a home based business affiliate chance, and uses some thing called cooperative advertising to allow anyone to develop their business.

They have been doing this pretty much since they began and we discovered this to be one of the greatest ways affiliates could grow large profitable businesses.

Cooperative advertising in this case involves TriVita obtaining customers from their professionally run infomercials.

These customers actually have bought the product and are clients of TriVita.

An affiliate can buy the rights to those customers, and earn commissions from the purchases these customers help to make.

Currently these clients cost $50 each, and yo can buy 1 to 100 each month.

Now for those that are new to home based business, or have tried particular businesses and spent a lot of money on marketing to result in zero customers, you may check this out as either expensive or risky?

Actually, in our reviews all of us found that nearly all the top earners in this company started by buying some subscriber base. They then assisted these customers and either they became affiliates on their own, or they provided referrals. Keep in mind this particular cooperative marketing results in a warm customer..a lot different than a cold prospect!

Your chances of long term achievement really are much improved by starting with actual customers, vs. prospects.

It can be very difficult to start a home based business, and at the same time frame learn how to effectively promote to get customers and into a profitable scenario.

Now purchasing customers also results in varying buying patterns. Some buy regularly, some buy in bulk, plus some may buy rarely or some may not continue buying.

Nevertheless, overall we have seen when you stay in this of sufficient length, the results will be a profitable business cash flow.

The TriVita opportunity revolves around the health and wellness business and was founded by a man named Michael Ellison, who found their passion of helping other people achieve the kitchen connoisseur and turned this into a business.

TriVita has a feature, which has broke away from the traditional MLM. They actually allow you to buy product customers. I’ve studied many network marketing companies and this was a first. TriVita actually assist cover their own costs by allowing you to purchase product customers and provide you with lifetime rights for them.

This all sounds fine and dandy but remember people can invariably stop their autoship, whenever times are hard. I do not think its great to get totally bought out by the idea of buying a product customer. The TriVita business opportunity is still an mlm company and should be built like someone to really acheive the level of re-occurring income you really want.

What Lets TriVita Down?

In my opinion, TriVita is on of the best possibilities I’ve ever looked into but in the health supplement industry, there is vast competitors, not to mention negative cost pressures.

This is why I think it is a bad concept to get too completely sold upon buying product clients. There simply is absolutely no guarantee, that people will stay on autoship simply because they will find a product to achieve the exact same ends at a lower price along with the way recession pops its head up every few years its easy to see how markets like this suffer as people tighten up their own wallets.

Its nevertheless best practice to construct this like a home business.

TriVita Not Legitimate?

There isn’t any TriVita fraud. Some people will love the products and really feel its benefits and some won’t. Don’t get frustrated by the minority. The reason people fail within TriVita is the training. For me its a far better idea to learn how to market yourself.

The skill of true marketing is a practicable skill and will pay out for years to come regardless of whether you remain on with TriVita or not. This is the reason for the failure within TriVita even with its above average attrition rates. Most people don’t know how to advertize themselves and their teams and end up additional branding TriVita instead of personalisation themselves.

MLM companies are hard to build as well as prospecting takes many years to master. In any Multilevel marketing you still have to recruit and I doubt it might be any different with this organization.

The TriVita business opportunity is actually legitimate but its easy to understand where so many fail and get burned away and quit. They simply don’t have enough TARGETED leads and cashflow to their businesses to keep all of them afloat until the residual income builds up to the level, where you no longer need to work.

Building successful marketing campaigns is critical to your success with Trivita Welness. Althrough the traditional route of prospecting in your warm market still works very well, you need to develop a serious online mlm presence with personally branded websites and social sites.