Easy Tips On Adult Dog Training

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A great thing in life for many people, is having a wonderful dog in the house. When it comes to training them, however, that can sometimes be not so great. There are a lot of tips on adult dog training available these days though, so let’s look at a few of them and get you in gear for your training.

Many pets are not trained formally these days, but for the owners of a K-9 that is trained, and well behaved are starting to realize that a trained dog is a happier dog, and that can make for a happier family.

If you are looking to train your dog to do some complex tricks and such, you may need a bit of extra training yourself, as this kind of thing needs more specialized attention. If you are looking for more traditional methods and techniques, there are plenty to choose from.

Something that is very possible, in a pretty short period of time is training your dog to potty train where you desire him to go.

In order to have a happy, and anxiety free dog, you could try obedience training. This will correct behavior problems that you see needing fixed.

If you have an older dog that is a little scared of people, or certain types of activities, you could try classical conditioning to see if that solves any behavioral issues with him.

When classical conditioning is used, the animal will be introduced to a situation that he does not like very much. The reason for this, is that it will make him get accustomed to those situations. Before long, the anxiety and fear of those situations can completely vanish for him.

Another method is the lure reward system. By using some kind of treat, like kibble, you lure him to do simple commands with the treat or toy.

You can use a lure reward to teach your dog to sit very quickly by doing the following:

* Tell the dog to sit, while using his name. Ex: “Brita, sit”.

* Move the treat over his nose so that he has to look up way over his head. This causes him to look so far back that he will sit naturally.

* Be careful to not raise the treat over his head, as this will cause him to try and jump for it instead of sit.

* When sitting is achieved, reward your dog with a treat and some affection if desired.

Another popular way to try to relax your dog is through the use of a crate. Many people associate crates with punishment, but if used properly, they can be a source of relaxation.

You can use a crate to make the K-9 feel safe inside of his crate home. He will be relaxed and calm while in the crate, which is great for a trip to the vet, or a vacation.

There are a lot of techniques that you could use for training. Some will be more difficult than others, but if you stick with it, you and your dog will both see the rewards.

Matt is a dog training specialist that finds a well-trained dog to be happier. If you need some great tips on adult dog training, visit his dog training website and teach your dog some new behavior.