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I made sure to align personally with his group when I joined. He’s always accessible by phone, and provides consistent and good training. He is a pretty busy man these days with all of his responsibilities with Numis Network, which just bought him a car. In fact, you can check out the audio from Ray’s promotion in order to 6-Star with Numis Network right here.

Exactly where he shines is in providing consistent training – via their blog. He’s also a great video marketer.

And that he has a solid history in real estate investments.

He also creates some great emails about Numis. So he’s creative. And he’s persistent to promote Numis Network, which is awesome.

The nice thing about a binary, is that you simply get good assistance from upline and downline. And working with me personally, you’ll get complete use of Ray Higdon for shuts, validation and even training.

What do you say in regards to a guy who apparently, has been chasing the American dream all his life. Ray Higdon phone calls himself a created entrepreneur and looking from his history I don’t see any reason in order to argue the point.

If you, at twelve years of age, are stopping by the store on the way to school to help you buy “Airhead” candies, then re-sell them to your classmates at a profit, what’s to argue?

It seems also that a lot of success-minded people, on their way to that success, have a detour through the grocery company. I knew a lot of people in that business and the majority of them had been that way.

Here’s the difference although. Being in a position as well as seeing that, if done correctly, you can make a pretty good career of it will be fulfilling to most people. But for a select few just about all they see has been “stuck”. The money might be pretty good but.

Well how about a good paying government job? Not just any “gubmint” work but one that pays close to 100K a year, offers incomparable medical benefits and you can retire at what, 50 or 55? Retire along with virtually the same salary as you were producing when you were working!

Nah, he says. I’m nevertheless limited. I’m still only making what they are prepared to pay me. I’ve reached do for myself. I’ve got to find a way where my money is only restricted to me. County federal government, insurance’s all the same should you don’t control your own destiny.

Ray got himself into the real estate company where he became a landlord of several properties but, as you can imagine, being a landlord may take it’s toll.

Forget about that he told himself. I’ll limit my involvement within the real estate transaction. Which, if you don’t know, indicates “flipping” properties. Getting charge of a property, finding a purchaser for it and selling it at a revenue. Not bad as long as the economy is support you up.

Something you cannot keep from performing in any line of business is actually learning. Ray Higdon learned that he could not only market real estate online but that he might teach others to do it.

Oh yes! Got it made now. Traveling the country speaking to people as well as teaching them how to play the real estate online game. No more clogged toilets and broken garbage disposals. “Pretty easy and lucrative heading from city to city imparting my knowledge for a fee.”

Nevertheless, something’s not right. Cash. Relatively easy work. Why am I not feeling it? What’s missing?

Ascent To Freedom in Network Marketing

My children! That’s what’s missing. “I’m controlling the financial part of my life but I don’t have any freedom”.

Ray had a friend, who he is probably forever indebted to, who introduced him to network marketing. Now don’t get me wrong. Even with mlm there’s a building process which, in the beginning, takes time to get it to the point of freedom.

That’s what most people are looking for. To be able to do whatever they want to do whenever they want to do this. Money is great. But when you don’t have the freedom and the time to appreciate it, to spend time using the people who matter in your life, what good is it?

Ray Higdon Review has finally found what he’s been looking for. He additionally knows he’s not the only 1 who’s looking for a lifestyle associated with freedom. Now he enjoys teaching others hot to get presently there too.

If you’re in the same or comparable boat as Ray was he can show you and, more importantly, help you to get to where you want to be.

I have had the great enjoyment of seeing Beam Higdon speak several times within the last year the last time was at the “No Excesses Summit” in Las Vegas. Ray’s tale is full of failure as well as disappointment which built the foundation for Ray to become one of the top producers in the multilevel marketing industry. His passion is evident and inspiring as a person who continues to be working on a successful team for a couple of years now I have found Ray Higdon to be a top notch trainer and mentor.

By working wise he has worked his way to the top of their business and his no excuses style is actually refreshing. Ray believes we are all meant to reside an abundant, rewarding and fulfilling life. Ray also attributes nearly all his success to the transformational learning trained by Landmark Education. It was there that Ray had a shift in his thinking rather than proving himself to others He had what I like to call an easy bulb moment. Their thinking process now’s owning himself.

I find it is very rare to find a mentor as active about life as Ray Higdon His ability and willingness to care and genuinely share information and knowledge is actually refreshing.

Ray includes a style that is very cool and full of humor which keeps the could be marketer engaged in whatever he is showing. In my humble opinion he is such a excellent example of ethical as well as hardworking and above all very caring to all that cross his route.

After working online for a while now I have arrived at believe you must continue to learn daily. What you can do to find the right information now will exhilarate your own learning curve and begin making a real earnings today. Some subjects to study are number 1 is the funded suggestion which simply is finding out how to generate an income from people who do not take advantage of most of your opportunity.

A huge a part of your business is lead generation every successful network marketer has been able to perfect the art of lead generation. Weather that is through the internet sites like Facebook, Tweets or pay per click marketing or just talking to people on the street.

My weblog is dedicated to your success I have links up trainers and mentors. I offer free training to help you minimize your mistakes and minimize your expenses of becoming a professional system marketer.

The last thing for now is anyone who really wants to succeed has to realize this is Network marketing which means you have to be networking constantly. Networking simply means you must be creating associations, talking to people creating value calling people and giving worth to everyone you come into contact with.

The bottom line is simple never forget that the more people you have relationships along with is in direct percentage to success that you will achieve do not be afraid conquer your fears and you will have all that you can dream of and the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Beam Higdon is not new to Multi Level Marketing but he has by no means succeeded like he has now. When Ray got involved in the Numis Network he’d $300 in his bank account and a troubled Florida real estate career. Ray was losing everything and truly didn’t know what he was going to do. Embracing the power of the Internet as well as attraction marketing he or she quickly moved to the actual L4 status in My Lead System Pro (My lead system pro). Ray is also the #1 earnings earner in NUMIS winning Five vacations and a $100,000 2011 BMW Seven series.

Ray battled in almost a dozen MLM’s with limited achievement. With the training of My lead system pro and attraction marketing Ray has been able to recruit over One hundred thirty reps using the Internet in a mere 14 MONTHS. The best part is the replication of his marketers (personally sponsored) which have turned into over 3600 reps by instructing them a duplicatable program tied to online prospecting.

You’ll find Ray very involved in the business today. He is the presenter upon live webinars which occur several times per week and is available by telephone to talk with your potential customers. Ray also does workout sessions during the week. Ray is an incredible speaker and teacher won’t tell you to complete anything he hasn’t done himself. This is a guy that gives back in an enormous way. You can tell Beam is Passionate about exactly what he does.

Ray seems to always be prospecting. He does it on and offline and is always looking for the next person to talk to. I might guess he personally talks to around Twenty people per day. He offers his website on the back of his car, he uses $100.Double zero bill drop cards in Barnes And Noble and even puts all of them in Books. He is not afraid of getting a “no” because he knows it gets him or her closer to a yes.

This business currently has no competition and has a product, Gold & Silver that’s talked about every single day. Our present economy has produced an incredible amount of prospects. People are losing their jobs, their homes as well as claiming bankruptcy at an alarming rate. They’re amassing huge amounts associated with debt with no way to avoid it. You may be the one person who can help turn their own life around. Talk to everyone, you don’t understand what their situation is.

I made a indicate align myself with the incredible leadership associated with Rays group after i joined the Numis Network. I learned that if you surround yourself with successful people that you start to become like minded with them. Who do you hang around along with? What kind of people are they? What kind of money will they make and exactly what do they give back to the city.

If you desire the same type of success as Ray Higdon then you must understand how the mlm industry works and moves during hard economic times.