Dogs Who Are Aggressive With Their Territories

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All dogs do have a certain level of aggression and that is perfectly understandable for them. In fact, this is something that hockey players, a car salesman and you, as a human being experience.

certain level of calmness among our domesticated animals. The most common aggressive behavioral problem displayed by dogs is called “territorial aggression”. Quite simply, this describes crazy behavior on the part of a dog whenever a stranger approaches his home.

What causes such aggressive behavior?

As stated earlier, it is natural for your dog to want to defend his home and assert his command over the territory. However, the following scenarios may cause your dog’s aggression concerning his territory to unnecessarily escalate:

1. Package delivery – A delivery person hurriedly leaves your house and just drops off your package absent-mindedly. What your dog might be thinking is that his loud barking drove the man away, and this aggression has the tendency to go further.

packages late, or throw them around in the truck, especially if marked “fragile.”

2- In The Car – If you are riding the car with your dog, your unreasonable territorial and aggressive dog might bark more to signal “keep out of my car, this is my territory!”. This action, even when done unintentionally is completely wrong since your dog doesn’t own the car. Naturally, nobody will want to get near your car. This will leave your dog thinking he is the winner and thus be noisier and bark more with this feat.

3. Whenever your dog is acting up and barking at the door (for whatever reason) and you yell at him to shut him up, you may not realize that yelling at the dog only creates more aggression. Your dog will just think that you are “supporting” his aggression towards the

Your very strange “bark” will be noticed by your dog. But, he will consider that very action a great help.

Most owners do lock up their dogs or keep them in an isolated area when entertaining guests and other people inside the house; but it could possibly increase the dog’s aggression. This might be a good way to keep visitors safe, but will increases your dog’s natural senses due to aggression.

The “trespasser” will be easily tracked most particularly if your guests have a distinct smell like when they’ve eaten garlicky food, haven’t changed their socks, or have worn perfume and cologne. Your dog will feel too much anxiety and stress because he cannot do what he’s been high wired to do – defend the territory at all times. Not that we are saying that you let loose your dog, so your guests will receive an attack; but there are other ways to treat this case of aggression.

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